Give Me Back My Wig is an American rock blues band known by their fans as The Wig Band. Their music is influenced by blues musicians like John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt, early 80's bands like INXS, and rock bands like The Rolling Stones. The soulful-hued voice of Gail Stewart ("Lil G") who grew up on early northern California rock scene. She shares the spot light with legendary monster guitarist Paul Alvarado and a energetic talented rhythm section of bassist Colin McNeely and drummer Glen Maiden. Together they write and play raw, sincere rock n' roll favoring the rough honesty of their blues artist heroes.

Formed 2001 in Los Angeles California, hanging up some old mics and recording equipment the band was reformed in San Diego as it appears today. Their energetic live performances have garnered an enthusiastic following. In addition to their devoted fan base, over the past decade Give Me Back My Wig has played concert halls and festivals opening for artist as diverse as Stevie Wonder, Teena Marie, Dave Mason, John Mayall, Robin Trower, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Rod Piazza, Rick Derringer, Edger Winter, Robben Ford, Steven Seagal, Teddy Lee Hocker, Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes, Leon Russell, Chicago Blues Reunion, Billy Vera And The Beaters, Tommy Castro, Debbie Davis, Rick Estrin, Kenny Neal, Candye Kane, Savoy Brown and the list continues to grow each year. The band has completed their first full-length album, BIG WIGS.

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About The Logo
Thomas Yearsley of Lux Records at Thunderbird Studio in Oceanside CA. Thomas is a legendary engineer and producer known for his work with Fleetwood Mac, the Paladins and Candye Kane.
Thomas is the co-producer of Give Me Back My Wig latest album BIG WIGS recorded at
Thunderbird Studio.  
Photo By John Hancock
Proud moument at the San Diego Music Awards

 - Etta Mae - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado.
New Album BIG WIGS

Life Is In Session - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado
BIG WIGS SONG LIST   22.9K Songs Played

Little Angel - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado
San Jaunico - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado
                            Special Guest, Lead Guitar, Anthony Cullins (aka) The Fallbrook Kid,                Acoustic Guitar, Laura Chavez and Affects, Thomas Yearsley

Alligator Stew - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Paul Alvarado.
                                 Special Guest, Lead Guitar, Anthony Cullins (aka) The Fallbrook Kid

Just The Way It Is - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado
                                         Special Guest, Saxaphone, Johnny Viau

La Laurie - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado

Every Lie - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado

Boop - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado

Mr Holiday - BIG WIGS Album, Written By Gail Stewart and Paul Alvarado
Produced By: Thomas Yearsley and GiveMeBackMyWig Band
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Bands and musical acts from all over the world are often recognized based on their logo. The Rolling Stones have the Mouth, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have their Asterisk and AC/DC has the Lighting Bolt. While many of these logos are known, the story and meaning behind them are for the most part unknown.

The Give Me Back My Wig Band logo was designed by Drummer Glen Maiden in March of 2001. When approached by his band mates, after the presence of a fan at their rehearsals, in the early days. Apparently this fan was completely bald always sporting sunglasses and later it was learned he was homeless. After rehearsals band members would see that he received the reminding food from the craft table. Band members quickly give him the name "WIG MAN". He became the inspiration for the band logo, bald man with sunglasses. Their WIG MAN logo was born it is easily recognizable symbol of the band.

The first time this logo appeared was on a flyer made for a release party of the bands first CD "Not In Public" in 2001. And it was a few years later the band name was incorporated with the WIG MAN symbol. This came with the release of the "Last Minute Blues" CD in 2008 gain worldwide air play. The band quickly gained popularly in Los Angeles and over the west coast recognized by the southern California Blues community. The logo symbolize the dominance and supremacy bearing a string resemblance of their first fan the "WIG MAN".

March 2018 bench marked the 17th. Anniversary of their logo.

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2017 Release
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Like many bands that have been together as long as Give Me Back My Wig, since 2001 many band members have come and gone. Steadily the same band members for the past five years are featured on the 2017 release Big Wigs. And they are currently working on a new album for 2018.
Special Guest:
Anthony Cullins (aka) The Fallbrook Kid - Guitar
Laura Chavez - Guitar
Johnny Viau - Saxaphone
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SDMA 2017 Nominee
Best Blues Album
In Memory of Paul Cummins
We appreciate all the love and support we've gotten throughout the years! Without you, we'd just be another garage band! Have questions about any of our music or have ideas about something you'd like to hear, be sure and hit us up!
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