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As one of today's premier guitarists Paul Alvarado and front lady Little "G" has captivated audiences with her Mick Jagger like stage style and Paul's Hendrix/Santana like prowess since the band came on the scene in 2001.

Their 2017 release Big Wigs on Knoxville Records, received "Best Blues Album" Nominee by San Diego Music Awards, contains the high-caliber guitar playing for which Paul Alvarado has become known, along with Little "G"s soulful blues voice which are applied to a fresh assortment of high-level blues rock songs.

On a lineup with some of the heaviest guitarists on the planet including Derek Trucks and Jimmie Vaughan, Paul Alvarado and Little "G" together with long time drummer for Joe Cocker, Glen Maiden and monster bassist Colin McNeely. The Give Me Back My Wig Band were widely hailed as one of surprise highlights of California music scene last year. Little "G"s stage presents, Paul Alvarado guitar work and their Band can easily stand along side the greats. 
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Give Me Back My Wig is an American rock blues band known by their fans as the Wig Band. Their music is influenced by blues musicians like John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt, rock bands like The Rolling Stones and Santana. The soulful-hued voice of Gail Stewart ("Lil G") who grew up on early northern California rock scene. She shares the spot light with legendary monster guitarist Paul Alvarado and a high caliber rhythm section of bassist Colin McNeely and drummer Glen Maiden. Together they write and play raw, sincere blues rock n' roll favoring the rough honesty of their blues artist heroes. Website: 
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