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Factual Story Of Give Me Back My Wig Band 2018
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    ormed in 2001 in a back-alley garage behind a small house in Long          Beach, California within walking distance to the beach where, guitarist Duke Cullinan lived. Cullinan and two other fellow musicians had been playing blues on weekends. Drummer Glen Maiden started joining their blues jam after responding to their newspaper want ad. Maiden quickly realized that these weren’t neighborhood musicians; they were professionals with careers, but they weren’t able to play the blues music they loved while on the job.

They spent a year just playing, having fun and researching the blues and their roots. They continued to play together, dubbed "The Bad Boys Of Long Beach" at local blues jams and this is how the band was born in a back-alley garage in Long Beach.

The band name, was selected from a fan that would hang out during their garage rehearsals. His appearance, a thin man with sunglasses and bold head. He was very well schooled in old blues music. The band name was chosen after they wrote suggestions on pieces of paper and put them in a hat — Give Me Back My Wig was the winner.

Later it was time for to select a logo, bands and musical acts from all over the world are often recognized based on their logo. The Rolling Stones have the Mouth, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have their Asterisk and AC/DC has the Lighting Bolt. While many of these logos are known, the story and meaning behind them are for the most part unknown.
The Give Me Back My Wig Band logo was designed in 2003. The idea was taken from a fan at their rehearsals in the early days. Apparently this fan was bald and always sporting sunglasses. (Shown below) At rehearsals the band members quickly give him the name "WIG MAN". He became the inspiration for the band logo, bald man with sunglasses. The WIG MAN logo was born it is easily recognizable symbol of the band.
Over the years the band logo has changed to reflex changes in the band but, always staying true to the Wig Man image.

After a successful ten year base in Los Angeles California, hanging up some old mics and recording equipment the band was reformed in San Diego as it appears today. Their energetic live performances have garnered an enthusiastic following. In addition to their devoted fan base, over the past decade Give Me Back My Wig has played concert halls and festivals opening for artist as diverse as Stevie Wonder, Teena Marie, Dave Mason, John Mayall, Robin Trower, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Rod Piazza, Rick Derringer, Edger Winter, Robben Ford, Steven Seagal, Teddy Lee Hocker, Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes, Leon Russell, Chicago Blues Reunion, Billy Vera And The Beaters, Tommy Castro, Debbie Davis, Rick Estrin, Kenny Neal, Candye Kane, Savoy Brown and the list continues to grow each year.

In 2009 Give Me Back My Wig released their first album “Last Minute Blues”. Primarily blues influenced sound that captures the irrepressible vitality and fun of Southern’s California legendary blues scene. It became a classic that continues to receive air play on many radio stations world wide. Their latest release "Big Wigs" on Knoxville Records have received great reviews and nominated for Best Blues Album by San Diego Music Awards. An in demand album at Knoxville Records store and download on iTunes.

The band has been featured in San Diego Reader, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, OC Register, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Phoenix Arizona Republic, Southland Blues Magazine, Living Blues Magazine, Blues Blast Magazine, Real Blues Magazine and Thunder Magazine. Germany – Good Times Blues Magazine, England – Juke Blues Magazine, France - Road Blues Magazine. And featured on the cover story by Southland Blues Magazine in April 2009. And the list continues to grow each year.

Much like other bands that have been together as long as they have, many members have come and gone. To this day they all remain friends and have worked together on other projects. Co-founder Glen Maiden, is the sole original member and former drummer for Joe Cocker. And recognition of the Wig Man lives on from original days in the back-alley garage band in Long Beach, California. Today, working steadily, the band has had the same band members for the past six years and they are featured on the 2017 album release Big Wigs. And they are currently working on a new album.

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2003 - The Bad Boys Of Long Beach. Performing at BB King Club in Hollywood, Calif.
One of the first shows as the Give Me Back My Wig Band.
2002 - Actual photo of the rehearsal fan, nicknamed "Wig Man". Inspired the band name, Give Me Back My Wig. His real name was never revealed but, he loved the blues.
(He fell victim to homeless.)
Give Me Back My Wig Band When It All Began
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